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The planetary transmission drive world, to
lead the future of precision manufacturing!

行星传动驱驰世界,精密制造引领未来!MORE +
  • Brand introduction

    New gal (China) planetary transmission equipment Co., Ltd. is a Sino German joint venture with its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany. Since its establishment, the company has been concentrating on the precision planetary reducer. It is a solution provider for precision planetary transmission. It is also a domestic enterprise with few R & D, manufacturing, assembly, sales and service.

    According to the German precision planetary transmission design and manufacturing technology, the planetary reducer has the characteristics of high rigidity, low backlash, low noise, stable transmission, reliable and durable and so on. It is widely used in all fields of industry, and is blooming in the wave of automation.

    New China (China) has a complete production chain of planetary gear reducer, more than fifteen years in gear manufacturing field. The Swiss lace house gear grinding machine, the CNC gear shaper of MITSUBISHI heavy industry in Japan, the CNC helical gear machine of NACHI, the hard tooth hobbing machine of hash, the Qinchuan gear grinding machine and so on, and the TTI gear detector of Japan...

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